The 2006 NY eagle survey has concluded and we are awaiting final count results from throughout the area. When we have the final count numbers we will post the data here.   


                                                                                                                     The Hudson River from Hyde Park/Esopus south.

We are expecting a smaller than normal count due to the mild winter weather we have been experiencing here in the NorthEast and eagerly await the final tally.

The NYSDEC conducts the eagle survey each January and we are delighted to be able to help them by providing our data taken while on our winter eagle runs. This year we took data at sites up and down the Hudson River from as far south as Croton-On-Hudson up to Castleton-On-Hudson.

Eagles are generaly banded before they fledge. The bands are color coded, the blue one above tells us this eagle was banded in NY state. Silver bands are federal.